“Barbara Hollyhead’s marketing credentials and related experience stood out and so we commisioned a basic marketing review that essentially looked at our business as a whole and examined all our customer facing operations.  Barbara was able to quickly complete the review which resulted in numerous changes to operations and specific marketing activities.

With Barbara, we created a completely new brand, redesigned the website, created new web content, developed in-store and in-market visuals, created new advertising for print and radio, organised special events, analysed financials and point of sale data for product effectiveness, and all this in addition to the daily management of both traditional and social marketing channels.   Barbara has always demonstrated thorough professionalism and great empathy for the business and I could not recommend her more highly for just about any business problem.  She is one of those unique multi-skilled people who will attack any problem with insight and logic, all the while being someone who is easy and fun to work with.”     Scott Voorhees, Co-Owner, Westmoreland Berry Farm 


“Barbara has a very special ability to manage a significant series of complex projects and is very driven to ensure a right first time delivery that is correct in its execution, on time and to budget. 
She will go the extra mile, and then the extra mile again, to ensure this is always the case. 
Barbara is equally adept at getting the “big picture” as well as micro managing these projects to fruition. 
Barbara does not allow the occasional inabilities of others to divert her from achieving her goals. 
I would also mention Barbara’s work ethic which in my 30 years of experience I would judge as being second to none!”  Ed Owen, Marketing Director Somerfield Grocery Retail, Marketing Director SandpiperCI (Channel Islands).


I worked closely with Barbara on many projects in 2009 and throughout 2010. In every case, be it the planning and execution of a Costa store launch or the production of an Iceland press ad, Barbara maintained a high level of organisation, professionalism and creative vision. Her role required her to be working on a huge number of marketing projects at any one time, and amazingly, deadlines were always met. A pleasure to work with such an experienced, calm and collected marketer.”   Oliver Coles, Account Manager Hamilton Brooke, Full Service Marketing Agency


“Barbara is a highly talented, creative, strategic Marketing professional. She’s incredibly motivated and hard-working and passionate about delivering the best possible results in everything she does. 

Barbara doesn’t rest on her laurels, but is continually updating her skills to ensure she can apply the latest Marketing techniques and innovation in her work. 

She’s a brilliant communicator, with an innate ability to build and maintain great working relationships with clients, colleagues and agencies around the world.  I found Barbara incredibly supportive as a colleague when we worked together at Allied Domecq. She additionally has a fantastic sense of humour and is great fun to be with, both in and out of work.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Barbara to any organisation wanting to achieve the best possible results in their Marketing Communications.”  Jo Friend, E-Communications Manager and Digital Marketing Specialist


Barbara has a real flair for Commercial Marketing with strong product knowledge, ideas and suggestions. She is very focused on an end result and is both personable and fun to work with.”   Paula Grant, Trading Manager, Le Riche Grocery Retail (Channel Islands)


Barbara is a very helpful, creative and hands-on manager, with a lot of experience in the Travel Retail industry.
Always a pleasure to work with and get support from, both in internal and external meetings.”  Rudy Leentjes, formerly Key Account Manager Europe, Allied Domecq Duty Free


Barbara has proven to be a valued member of the team. She has worked tirelessly in establishing some key marketing and communications practices for our European business. Additionally she was instrumental is supporting the launch of our business in France using both her marketing and linguistic abilities. Barbara has also been key in facilitating re-branding of our new corporate name together with establishing aligned practices on a global level.”   Mike Nickituk, Business Unit Director, Decisions Made Easy/Nielsen


Barbara has worked with me on projects and I have found her to be both professional and hard working to ensure that the project was delivered on time and had the correct detail. During our time together I found her to be supportive and analytical which allowed us to complete the project on time and to a high standard.”    Marcel Hayden, Senior Category Buyer, Somerfield Grocery Retail, UK


“Barbara is great fun. Her focused and positive approach, supported me tremendously. I always felt that Barbara understood the needs of my business and because of this was able to deliver exactly what we wanted.”  Duncan Langston, Checkers Supermarkets, Flagship Store Manager, SandpiperCI  (Channel Islands)


“I worked closely with Barbara, she demonstrated to be a highly motivated professional able to take all challenges with proactivity and innovation. She helped very much to develop new markets and implement marketing strategies that lead to final success.”   Mario Lafarga, formerly Key Account Manager, Allied Domecq Duty Free


Barbara is a diligent and creative individual who adds to team dynamics in a very positive way. Her persistence makes things happen.”   Rick Griffith-Read, formerly Category Buyer, Chilled  Food, Meats, Pies & Quiches, Somerfield

The originals of these testimonials can be found on the Linked In profile for Barbara Hollyhead uk.linkedin.com/in/barbarahollyhead


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