We offer several pricing options to suit your needs best.

This will depend on:

  • the size of your business
  • how much you need us to do and how much you can handle yourselves
  • how frequently you need our help
  • your business’ stage of development


We currently offer 3 affordable packages:


We are well aware that it can be especially tough in the early days of a new business, so the last thing you want starting out is a big  marketing bill! You just want some trustworthy, professional and cost effective help to get you going.   That’s where our BRONZE package may suit you.*

agave-blue-marketing-silver-packageA bigger business doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend loads more, but you may have bigger ambitions which need more robust planning and preparation up front for which you need an extra pair of expert marketing hands. Your in-house team will then take care of making these plans happen. In this case, we would often recommend our SILVER PACKAGE. *

agave-blue-marketing-gold-packageOur GOLD package is geared up to provide you with a sustained marketing service which covers your main day-to-day marketing requirements over at least a 6 month period.   It’s ideal for when you do not have the expertise or available staff in-house and are not ready to recruit permanently but you still need your marketing handled consistently and professionally.  We will be your turn-key and bolt-on marketing department to handle your day-t0-day marketing for as long as you need us.*


We also cater for one-0ff and larger projects:

One-Off Projects:

For short-term, one-off projects, we normally charge a day rate which will reflect the complexity of work you have asked us to do and the time the project will take.

Large Projects:

We offer a competitive fixed price for bigger, more strategic projects of longer duration.

Get in touch to discuss details, pricing and options that are best suited to your specific needs:

Mix and Match:

You may find it suits your business best to commission Agave Blue Marketing to handle some one-off or larger projects for you. Then, you can switch to our more turn-key bronze, silver or gold packages.


* terms and conditions do apply.



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