Agave Blue Marketing has been a premium member of NAFDMA for the past 2 years and is already virtually something of a NAFDMA veteran, having attended the last two conventions: in Portland in 2013 and in Kansas City in 2014.

Farming in the Family:

Founder and Managing Director of Agave Blue Marketing, Barbara Hollyhead, says “Farming has been in my family for over 100 years – my Mother was born on my Grandfather’s dairy and sheep farm in North Devon in the South West of England.  I have wonderful memories of spending the entire summer down there every year as a child with my siblings and cousins, exploring all the farm had to offer and occasionally ‘helping’ my Grandfather and, later, my Uncle, with the day-to-day jobs on the farm.  It was the most incredible learning experience of my life and an opportunity I will never forget.”

Locks Beam Farm North Devon, England circa 1970 ©BarbaraHollyhead2014


The farm, now managed jointly by Barbara’s Uncle, Aunt, one of her Cousins and his wife, continues as a dairy farm.  However, rather than turn to retail or agritourism in the way NAFDMA members will recognise, the family have diversified the business by going organic and then by opening up the farm to accommodation.  They have been operating a successful and award-winning Bed & Breakfast facility for several years now.

Locks Beam Farm North Devon, England circa 1970 ©BarbaraHollyhead2014


Locks Beam Farm North Devon, England circa 2014 ©TraceyMartin2014

Tailored Marketing and Business Support:

How does Agave Blue Marketing help NAFDMA members?

We already work with a number of farms, some of whom are NAFDMA members, by providing marketing and business support which is always tailored to the specific needs and stage of development of each individual business.

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Open Door Policy for NAFDMA members

Get in touch if you ever need a marketing sounding board or informal chat and we’ll be glad to help.

Tel:                +1 917 720 3659


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