London Wine Fair 2014

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The 34th London Wine Fair (formerly known as the London International Wine Fair) takes place at Olympia between the 2nd and 4th June 2014.

This year mark’s a significant change in approach in several ways.

Change in Venue:

Firstly, there’s a very welcome change in venue.   The London Wine Fair will now be held in Olympia making the event so much more accessible to the visitors they want to attract.  Now, busy wine trade people can nip out of work and get a look at the Fair .

Before, when the previous guise of the event was held at Excel exhibition centre in Docklands, the prospect of “nipping in” was a pipe dream for many.  Excel is always SUCH a pain to travel to, especially if you are coming from outside of London. You could get to from Bristol to Paris or even Madrid faster..and even when you’ve arrived, it takes an absolute age to walk from the train station and into the exhibition itself.

World’s Leading Wine Import Market:

Secondly, the show goes back to its original roots and is now renamed the “London Wine Fair” to get across that this event is THE national wine trade event for what continues to be the World’s leading import market – the UK .

Important Date in Wine Trade’s Diary:

Thirdly, this has never been a consumer event but, this year, the organisers are taking great pains to ensure that exhibitors and attendees alike achieve maximum value from their participation in what continues to be an incredibly important date in the wine trade’s diary.  Long may it continue!


London Wine Fair at Olympia 2014

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